This Thug Love (Urban) (Complete)

This Thug Love (Urban) (Complete)

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Alexis :) By Lexie_Love_ Completed

Rasheeda Simmons is a 23 year old hard working independant woman who has the love of her life Hayley Simmons (her daughter)  to come home to everyday . Rasheeda takes care of her 3 year old with the help of her grand mother Ann big brother Jordan and little sister Danaisha ocassionally .

Rahseeda has no wants or needs for a man  . untill now when dreamy eyes Sincere wants to step into her life . Eerything changes for her . she goes head over heels for him but is scared to show her emotion and tell her feelings due to being scared of getting hurt .

Sincere is one of the big time drug dealers that dont love nobody but his mama Antoinette his son Kirk and his bestfriend/brother Jordan.
 eating out one night with hi mama and son that changed when he caught Rasheeda's attention.

 Jordan's little sister Rasheeda never ever paid her no mind in the past .

he starts to get some strong feelings for Rasheeda but doesnt want to admit them cause what his trifilling ass babymama did to him when he thought she loved him . 

But what happens when someone from Rasheeda's past decide they want to come back. This takes a toll on the relationship Rasheeda has with everyone.

let me get ths across , if you are looking for perfection your in the wrong place . if you can take mistakes read on . ! Please
 if you like what you see read and enjoy yourself if you dont like what you see . take the two fucks you expect me to give and leave my book alone simple as that . 

this book is rated r therefore it will have sex scenes cursing drugs and much more . if you cant take it then LEAVE . 

you have to fan to read since most chapters will be private . 

this story contains xxx content so read at your own risk . 

otherwise please vote and comment and PLEASE enjoy !

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Logangbang3r Logangbang3r Aug 31, 2017
Heckkyyy nahhhhhh will I ever tell somebody I LIKE/LOVE to make my younger sister climax🤦🏽‍♀️ Ik its apparently for the greater good but I think I would die internally if I had to ask or witness that😂
AnastasiaWilliams2 AnastasiaWilliams2 May 19, 2017
Wayment wayment sssoooooo it's ok for a dude she just met to....🤦‍♀️ over it
Logangbang3r Logangbang3r Aug 31, 2017
5'1 and my doctor was like u might grow two more inches but that's it😐😭
jaylahelkins jaylahelkins May 24, 2018
me af , my mom be dropping her towel and if literally be like wtf . (I’m 14)
theeggee theeggee Nov 26, 2016
I'm not comfortable with what happened there's going be feeling  from her sister
XxQueenLexiixX XxQueenLexiixX Jan 03, 2017
If I had a child I would trust no nigga or bitch around my baby if I'm just meeting them🅿😤