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Instagram |•SebaCiel•|

Instagram |•SebaCiel•|

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kiɳky Բuckɛʀ By black__butler__ Updated Jan 21

Instagram. A place to share photos of fandom pictures or personal and touching photos. But a young boy named Ciel, or on Instagram, small_bluenette, posts pictures of him wearing several types of lingerie on the social media app. A baker named Sebastian, a pretty popular guy, just happens to stumble upon the boy's very scandalous account, and Ciel seems to intrigue him. Will this be a possible love attraction?

raycharu raycharu Jan 22
I haven't even started reading this but i already feel the sin
LydiaDeets LydiaDeets Feb 18
Ciel: Time to binge watch Gamingmas on DanAndPhilGames again!
Lia_U_Dummy Lia_U_Dummy Jan 03
Dammit Ciel ! You forgot the lenny face ! Has Sebastian taught you nothing ?!
Night_Rain_03 Night_Rain_03 Dec 31, 2016
no not cute Ciel i believe your answer should be FREAKING HOT!!!
EnderKake EnderKake Jan 15
"he was a small account, only 5k followers" Me: SMALL? BISH HOW IS HAT SMALL? i only have 200....
This is honestly the first time I've read a fic where Sebastian is the one concerned about his sexuality