Rejected BoyxBoy

Rejected BoyxBoy

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Nessa By Nessa_babe Updated Nov 20, 2017

Gabriel used to live a fabulous life. Loving family, friends and a bright future ahead of himself. That was until, he didn't change. What happens when Gabriel runs away and finds out that not everything is what it seems? Follow this painful journey, about love, abuse and finding yourself. 

Warning: This IS a BOYXBOY story, if you don't like that I suggest that you hit the back button right now. I am looking for no hate at all on this story. If I find any your comment will be deleted and you will be blocked. Hope you all enjoy ;)

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Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Jul 04, 2017
Ah, yes, a simple case of "the-mother-is-a-secret-bitch-and-needs-to-be-blown-up-by-a-bazooka"
                              I'll handle this *loads bazooka*
CheshireKillings CheshireKillings Dec 13, 2017
ya'll xD they aren't french kissing, I've seen little kids kiss each other, it's very cute and may I add VERY innocent
MeowZuki_Nee MeowZuki_Nee Jun 25, 2017
Does this Lady need a reality check cause I thought she was supposed to act like a "motherly figure" not a bitch
Shipsailrgramerpirat Shipsailrgramerpirat Jul 04, 2017
They. Are. Ten. And they're already KISSING??? Damn, you could brag about that.
ihasnolife3 ihasnolife3 Jun 12, 2017
I was humming ed sheeran shape of you and stopped when I saw his face
009000909q 009000909q Aug 16, 2017
hey his name is gabriel right..there are 2 james in the rejection..just pointing it out..not to be rude :)