Liebe ➹ Joshler [ONE]

Liebe ➹ Joshler [ONE]

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Nolan By greektragedy- Completed

"Are you comfortable?" 

"Aren't you supposed to be rough or something?" 

"I'm your dom,  not your personal Muhammad Ali."


papertylerr papertylerr Oct 22, 2016
this is so beautifully written but so so hard to read for me because im german and wowza
JeddieJay JeddieJay Sep 23, 2016
This has amazing stuff in here but it needs to be just a tad more unpacked. It's dense and needs to be read several times. Space it out a little so we can get every worthy thought one and a time and appreciate it.
JeddieJay JeddieJay Sep 23, 2016
The dialogue is great boo but tag it more often otherwise you make reader work to guess who is talking.
potatoe_izzie potatoe_izzie Nov 02, 2016
                              This is so visual, it's amazing. I'm so jelly of your writing style XD