G!Sans x Reader

G!Sans x Reader

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Lavender-Ink By Lavender-Ink Updated Jan 26

You sigh shakily, your fingertips lightly pressing on the door handle. You were just about to walk into your house, to them. Your parents were extremely abusive, you could never understand why. But from the earliest memories you had, they were always excessively violent. 

You were afraid because you had come home late, your homework took longer than usual to finish at the diner. Your fingers wrap around the handle, and you twist it until you hear a soft click, you push forward letting the door open enough for you to get through. You very carefully turn the knob once again, and push the door closed without a sound.

You try to tiptoe to your room in a hurried fashion, but your stopped by a hand grasping your shoulder roughly. Your pulled backwards, with enough force for you to end up on the floor. You look up to see your father, looking pissed at usual.

"YOUR LATE." He scowled.

First Published: May 12, 2016
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ReaganVantas ReaganVantas Dec 03, 2016
Getting beaten doesn't toughen you up! Now kicking your parents asses...that might work!
ReaganVantas ReaganVantas Dec 03, 2016
As a victim of rape I don't understand how we didn't go to the police! Or even how those around us like our teachers didn't notice this or the bruises and cuts!?!
Tracy-Kindness Tracy-Kindness Dec 18, 2016
*mixture of Megalo Strike Back (Or Chara's theme) and Megolovina plays* Chara and Sans:WHO HURT THE CHILD!!!!
Winterpiratefox Winterpiratefox Oct 01, 2016
{Y/N}= Caramel
                              {E/C}}=caramely color
                              {H/C}=shiny brown
                              If she goes crazy her eyes turn blood red❤️🔪🔪🔪
Fluffyladybug22 Fluffyladybug22 Dec 02, 2016
Parents: *feel like there sins are crawling on there back*
                              Sans:your gonna have a bad time.
krayzeetree krayzeetree Feb 01
i don't understand, why would anybody be upset over OCs? i honestly think OCs make the book more unique!