Dumb Kpop Fanfic moments

Dumb Kpop Fanfic moments

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GeekFreak0901 By GeekFreak0901 Updated May 09, 2017

Does anyone read a fanfic and then suddenly burst out laughing at how ridiculous and stupid it is? Not to mention unrealistic? Then everyone in the room look at you like you're crazy.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading fanfics, there's something extremely appealing about them, even though they are, at the same time, completely unrealistic!!!! But I admit, they are fun to read. I also create fanfics in my head to fall asleep at night. 

Fanfics may be fun to read, but let's be real, making fun of them is freaking amazing too!

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uwuexo uwuexo Jun 06
i’m half white so i’m pretty white for a Latina, I have pretty nice facial skin? I have mid length thick dark brown hair that’s kinda straight/wavy, a normal weight figure, and really big eyes and long eyelashes lma
Cin___ Cin___ Sep 12, 2017
So like, the description of this book is exactly me when I watched EXO next door tbh
wonunim_ wonunim_ Dec 14, 2017
But another Asian passing by. 
                              My version 
                              I stand infeomt of the mirror I look at my fat figure. I let my fingers glide through my middle length wavy black hair and stair deeply into my blackish brown coloured eyes. My rough tan crusty skin doesn’t shine. I feel like laughing. IM SO BOOTIFUL
Oof you never read clingeyyyy arabic kpop fanfics, like the protagonist is so beautiful and so SEXY (they point it out very clearly) even her FATHER HITS ON HER but she still calls herself a potato
saiIormyoui saiIormyoui Jul 16
My problem with these tropes is not the fact that they are beautiful and call themselves ugly because even beautiful don't believe they are gorgeous. My problem is the fact that some people actually do think they are beautiful, so like writers should remember that.
Yeah bish I am bootiful with three big ass pimples on ma faceu stretch marks fifty two kg and fuking bootiful black glasses 👓