Fighting for her(Wattys 2016)

Fighting for her(Wattys 2016)

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A/N:Must read Being Matthias's Sister(And J-Fred's) and Mark my boyfriend, Matt my brother(but don't forget J-Fred)
You come to LA to live with J-Fred so you can spend more time with him, Matt, and Amanda. 

You even find a boyfriend which is none other than Captinsparklez himself.

But then Mark tries to come back into your life.

Mark wants to have you and Jordan wants you to stay. What will you chose?

#2 in Amanda Faye 6/9/16
#1 in Captinsparklez 9/18/16
#2 in JFred

*puts on glasses and opens dictionary* it appears that this 'El' is what some may call a whore. Her species is very into the horizontal hokey-pokey
More more more, amazing, love it. When r u updating truth of dares