In  your arms

In your arms

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Mel  is  a  very  simple  quiet  and  cute  17  year  old  girl  who  is  adopted  with  her  sister  by  some  cruel  and  indifferent  parents  just for  money. When  her  ex  tries  to  rape  her  and  her  ex  best  friend  betrays  her  she  gets  ''saved''  by  a  young  and  controversial  and  absolutely  charming  criminal  who  has  a  sophisticated  gang  with his  brother. This  young  criminal  will  fell  in  love  with  her  and  he  will  eventually  save  her  many  times  from  all  the  ''sick''  people  who  surround  her. The  question  is  how  is  he  gonna  save  her?  will  he use  only  his  brain  or  will  he  add  his  ''criminal  abilities''  too? And  most important  where  is  this  love  gonna  take  him  and  her?

LokisBabydollBride LokisBabydollBride Oct 08, 2013
Hey since th  guy in the cover is gaspard ulillie, can Mel be Emily Browning they look cute  together
ArtyColor ArtyColor May 06, 2013
@I_Byte I fell in love with that picture too once I saw it.I knew it was the right portray for Aiden xD
I_Byte I_Byte May 06, 2013
I fell in love with the guy on the cover. :/ Seriously. I did. O.o      ^_^ Makes me want to try out your book!
simplykesha simplykesha Mar 09, 2013
i dont get the face covered thing   covered why and with what
simplykesha simplykesha Mar 09, 2013
omg poor thing she should have beat her supposed friend to a pulp and castrated her so called boyfriend ugh
lavenderlayla lavenderlayla Mar 11, 2012
I really like your story it's just kinda hard to read because of the spacing, spelling and grammar issues. I bet if you fixed that more people would read it! Well anyways keep writing!