He Loves Me (Sometimes)- A Jacob Black Love Story

He Loves Me (Sometimes)- A Jacob Black Love Story

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SheWillDoGreatThings By SheWillDoGreatThings Updated Nov 15, 2011

"Do you love me?" It was not a question, for I knew this game. My answer was 'no' but the words that always came out were, 'Yes. I love you.' The trick to the game was, you say you dont love him- he hits you. If you do say you love him, he hits you a little less hard. His prize is always the feel of the life going out of my eyes, which I had been told resembled emeralds sparkling in the sun. Guess he didn't like sparkly things.

Karson Huntley is sixteen years of age, and broken. Her father never cared, her sister is never home and never with the same man, and her mother died when she was only nine. To top it off, she's stuck with the worst type of monster out there- an abuser.

Things change when a new family comes to town. Turns out, Karson never truly understood what a monster was.

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Mysterious_Writer Mysterious_Writer Nov 14, 2011
@SheWillDoGreatThings aww thank you :) haha yes UPDATE i NEED to know what happens im addicted
SheWillDoGreatThings SheWillDoGreatThings Nov 14, 2011
@Mysterious_Writer I'm writing the next chapter right now. I have to go to bed, since I have school in the morning, but I'll upload maybe tomorow or the next day. Whenever I feel that my chapter is good enough to be published :) Since you were the first person to comment, I'm dedicating it to you.
Mysterious_Writer Mysterious_Writer Nov 14, 2011
Mysterious_Writer Mysterious_Writer Nov 14, 2011
NO DID HE RAPE HER???? p.s. im still reading i just needed to find that out WOW this REALLY DRAWS ME IN !! still reading xD