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Fem! Neko Ciel x Sebastian

Fem! Neko Ciel x Sebastian

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♚⍣Sモ口ㄥ ⍣♚ By blancana Updated Jul 02, 2016

Ciel had feelings for her butler yet she didn't actually believe her feelings. She  had thought she forgot to love along time ago but little did she know that she fell in love for her demon butler aka: Sebastian.                                                                                               One morning she woke up as a....NEKO!! Sebastian already had feelings for her and he thought that he couldn't love because...he's a demon. This made it harder for Sebastian when he saw that she was a neko...which was impossible for him too think of sexual desires...

TheCrazedShadow TheCrazedShadow Nov 08, 2016
                              IF UR THE BOY CIEL THAN FUK ME AND LICK ME
LukexBaylee LukexBaylee Aug 04, 2016
Ohhh my Jayy she's absolutely freaking kawaii I just wanna hug her so badly
cindykaneki cindykaneki Sep 03, 2016
at first i thought it said you didn't like yaoi...i just bursted out laughing
50shadesofmichaelis 50shadesofmichaelis Aug 11, 2016
He's not going to think your hopeless hes going to think your sexy