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Kate By EightKay Completed

Lights. Blinding white lights and piercing screams. Hers.

A stolen knife, a whispered threat, a broken window. 

Then she was running through the woods in her skin, her bare feet bloody and bruising, torn by the dense underbrush, neck sore from glancing behind her, eyes wide in primal fear, fear that they would catch up. Catch her.

Then she was home, and if she closed her eyes and blocked out the pain she could pretend that it had never happened. Except for one thing. 

She couldn't shift.

She was stuck in her skin.

As if being an Omega wasn't bad enough.

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not-here not-here Feb 27, 2017
This a really good beginning just the right amount of uncertainty
Rachhernandezx Rachhernandezx Jan 22, 2016
It's a good build up! If you meant for It to make readers want to read on you've done it for me haha!
EightKay EightKay Aug 06, 2013
@writer_girly13 Thanks a lot! I'll try to make things clearer and less confusing :)
writer_girly13 writer_girly13 Aug 06, 2013
To be honest this is really creative... I love the plot and it makes me wanna keep reading! A couple parts I am still a little confused on but other than that its super good
EightKay EightKay Jul 31, 2013
@shadowcrossing I like them a lot, I'm trying to  make this one a little different and avoid some of the annoying cliches you mentioned :)
EightKay EightKay Jul 31, 2013
@shadowcrossing  Thank you! I'm glad you like it (especially after reading the werewolf story rant on your profile) :)