The Flirtatious Type~ ( OHSHC Fanfic)

The Flirtatious Type~ ( OHSHC Fanfic)

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Morinozuka Hime By Hime_chan10 Updated Mar 30, 2017

Haruhi Fujioka wasn't the only one that got a scholarship for Ouran Academy from her school. Her best friend Hanako Hinata got a scholarship for boxing. Between the two, Hanako is more of the tomboyish than Haruhi. She gets asked out a lot by both genders hence she found out that her sexuality is bisexual. It also can't be helped that she enjoys flirting with both women and men in general. Haruhi and Hanako were happy to see each other at the day of the entrance ceremony. Now, their lives are going to change once they stepped into Music room 3.

 What is going to happen? 
Will friendship and romance bloom? 
Who will capture the heart of this flirtatious young teen? 

You just have to read and see. 

[ Cover created by me]

- Started on May 09, 2016

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AryaVeil AryaVeil Nov 28, 2017
This is better than some of the excuses in other fan fics. XD. My Character Nina wears a girls but because of her small height its designed to just be simple and not as puffy
AryaVeil AryaVeil Nov 28, 2017
Im bi sexual and hangout with either guys or tomboy girls. When Im with my boyfriend we hangout with the guys and when Im at college I hangout with my girls. We all love anime music and games. its perfect. They are my people all the way.
AryaVeil AryaVeil Nov 28, 2017
I found when I was a freshman that I liked girls too. They are so sweet and soft but they can have so much drama lol
Ashley_Hime18 Ashley_Hime18 Dec 12, 2017
Wait how the feck does Sakura and Hinata mixed— FUSION!!! 😂
                              No one? Okay *mobs in corner depressed singing disney songs
Sasuke: hey sakura tell me a joke
                              Sakura: i don't have time for this I'm here to kill you sasuke
                              Sasuke: good one!