Markiplier Smuts

Markiplier Smuts

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Lisa By Googleplier97 Updated 4 days ago

Here You can Get markiplier,other Pilers and Wilford and anything mark has did for skits smuts,Just request them please,I do have trouble with grammar and punctuation i will try my best on to fix it.

Don't steal my work i work hard on writing those Smuts,if someone copys it please comment on here telling me about it and who copy and the story please,i work to hard and dont want my work copyed,thank you.

I don't own markiplier or anyone he plays in the skits.,I don't own the videos or pictures,i will say if i do

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smullymark smullymark Jun 15
the best way to masturbate while reading this is putting ur clit under the bath faucet and turning on the water 🤤
Any chance you could do a sweet lemon between reader and Mark, where it's their first time? I'm a sucker for virgin lemons 😅
Lol I miss read "Welcome home baby"
                              I tbought it said "Welcome horny baby"😂
rebla2621 rebla2621 Oct 21, 2016
I kinda rapped that all I my head to the beat of Aron burr sir from Hamilton 
                              What's wrong with me
Spark665 Spark665 Nov 11, 2016
Guy: Markiplier
                              Plot: The reader moves from Scottland into Mark's house. That might they have a movie night when Mark starts to act wierd. He tells her he likes her then things happen
cynthia_guevarra8 cynthia_guevarra8 Jun 17, 2016
Guy: Markiplier 
                              Plot: Mark is playing a game with his friends. The reader goes into his game roomand begins to tease him, eventually leading to...😉