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Hana By Hana95Amara Updated 4 years ago
Growing up in Main with her mother couldn't be any better. Aria starts her junior year with her best friend, looking forward to party's and a whole load of fun. Little does poor Aria know that the new boy isn't in town for the reason she thought he was. Little does Aria know theres more to herself then she thought. The world Aria thought she knew was a little lie. Or a big one. Will Aria find out the truth about her father's disappearance? Will she find out why she is who she is? Or more importantly will she fall for the one who maybe be behind everything? 
    Enjoy this Mystery/Romance/Adventure story!
I love the description of it and your vocabulary. It really sets the scene. I can't wait to read on. I've voted :)
Hey, you wanted me to read this and i'm glad I did. I love your diction and your writing style is really easy read! I voted <3
you kept my hooked, I voted and I really wanna know what happens next please continue!! :D