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Alpha Noah Reed

Alpha Noah Reed

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Rose🌹 By WBMS_GIRL4954 Updated Apr 16

[Sequel to Alpha Dean ]

"What's your name?" He asks without even looking at me. 

He's heartless.

"Why would I tell you?" I seethe.

I'm not.

"Because you'll tell me, or you can go back into your cell." He says again without looking at me.

He's callous.

"Fine it's Dylan, Dylan Dean." I tell him and he finally looks up.

Im loving.

"Dylan Dean." He says repeating what I said. His voice is still ice cold, showing no emotion. 

He's insensitive. Heartless. Cruel. Merciless.   Monstrous.

Im kind. Caring. Gentle. Compassionate. Sensitive.

We are the complete opposite.

Alpha Reed, one of the strongest Alphas in the werewolf community. He is everything every girl dreams about; except for the fact that he is ruthless, cold, inconsiderate, and super possessive of what's his. He puts his pack before anyone and everyone. And he vowed to never change for anyone, not even his mate.

Dylan Dean; daughter of Hunter and Alex Dean. The mates who had a love story unlike any others. Dylan wants nothing more but to have what her parents have. She will never have that though; not something like Noah

2nd book to Alpha's Broken Mate.  You don't have to read the 1st but it would make more sense if you did. Also Her name is indeed Dylan she's not a boy. lol

I'm 5'4. I am short and all my friends are like 5'7 or 5'8. 😑
I'm 5'7 lol  its not fun trust me BC when your sneaking in too a building u will get caught