Alpha Noah Reed

Alpha Noah Reed

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[Sequel to The Alphas Broken Mate]

"What's your name?" He asks without even looking at me.
"Why would I tell you?" I seethe.
"Because you'll tell me, or you can go back into your cell." He says again without looking at me.
"Fine it's Dylan, Dylan Dean." I tell him and he finally looks up.
"Dylan Dean." He says repeating what I said. Gosh my name sounds so hot coming from him.

Alpha Reed, one of the strongest Alphas in America. He is everything every girl dreams about, except he is ruthless, cold, annoying, and super possessive of what's his. Dylan is indeed his mate, but there's a problem she has a boyfriend who she loves more than anything, and Alpha Reed has a pack that he puts before anything and everyone. 

2nd book to Alpha's Broken Mate.  You don't have to read the 1st but it would make more sense if you did. Also Her name is indeed Dylan she's not a boy.

Omg London's daughter is so cute. And is it me or is Dylan stupid as hell for passing up alpha read. I mean idk whether to feel pissed off or happy that she got some morals