Battle of the Schools (Jaeyong) || #Wattys2016

Battle of the Schools (Jaeyong) || #Wattys2016

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~Jess~ By peachyten Updated Jan 29

'I despise you, Lee Taeyong'


'May the best school win.'

For some reason I wished that my class was something like YunJi high just packed in 36 people
Hitolono Hitolono Jun 22
I love this team. They're all part of my biases except Taeil. He's one of my bias wreckers. 😂😍
murphchel murphchel Aug 02
I remember when I had first listened to bts and I thought Suga's name was pronounced "Yunji" 😂😂😂
jaetaemine jaetaemine Aug 09
"he's never dated anyone, and was waiting for the right person" omgg I smiled when I read this. Jae is the right one
I'm geeky af but I hate formality as much as the YunJi high students
Hitolono Hitolono Jun 22
DoIl. Please DoIl.
                              (DoIl = Doyoung + Taeil)
                              I love DoIl but I never find a fanfic about them so it would be very cool if you could make them a couple.