Battle of the Schools (Jaeyong) || #Wattys2016

Battle of the Schools (Jaeyong) || #Wattys2016

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~Jess~ By peachyten Updated Nov 17

'I despise you, Lee Taeyong'


'May the best school win.'

*whispers* JOHNNY'S BACK
                              JOHNNY'S BACK
                              JOHNNY'S BACK
                              *plays sherlock*
Like once, when a dude from the other school came to ours, the principal publicly congratulated him
Our school is kinda peaceful but when I come to rugby and football I don't wanna get involved 😂
                              I just got into this fandom and I'm already a die-hard shipper
Somehow I like the chapter from Jaehyun's pov more, it introduces the characters with all their main features and flaws :)
                              And Jaeyong are so flirty ;)
Honestly I was hoping that it was Taeyong instead of Jaehyun but that's ok