The Alphas Twins

The Alphas Twins

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The Alphas Twins

Jamine isnt the prettiest girl ever but shes not ugly either.She is the betas daughter.She is part of the lightnigh pack.

When Jasmine finds her mate she mates with him only to have him reject her the next dasy telling her shes not good enough to be the luna of the pack.

1 month later jasmine finds out that she is pregent with his baby.She ran away afraid for the baby life and maybe even her own.

She moved to Hollywood. After her first shift she is now beautiful she has long blonde haire and baby blue eyes. She has the perfect cruvy body. she go a job as a model after she had her twins a boy and a girl named Jace, and Jade.

When Jasmine has to go back to portland to go on a tv show for an interveiw. What happens when she runs into her family and the alpha.... her mate.. the father of her 2 children.

Her life is about to get a whole lot harder.

    It's a nice story but fudge 😂😂 (My spelling is also horrible tho, You made mah day 💓)
    SleepFood SleepFood Mar 13
    So she's 24 now and her kids are 7 years old, I'm up to speed!
    Darkthoughts001 Darkthoughts001 Dec 27, 2016
    I've made a cover for your book but I'm not too sure on how to send it over?
    mermaidqueen1436 mermaidqueen1436 Dec 01, 2016
    Dang why can't I be pretty like that lol I'm just a potato who listens to MCR way to much
    bookwormbeauty91 bookwormbeauty91 Nov 04, 2016
    The plot is good. The writing is stillted and the spelling and grammar are poor.  I gave up reading because of this. I look forward to reading an editted version.
    bookluv_100 bookluv_100 Sep 16, 2016
    Capitalization for words #2 & #18. Word ##16 is "you're" and after weak is a period