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Not Again (Sequel to "Kidnapped to Marry the Prince of Vampires)

Not Again (Sequel to "Kidnapped to Marry the Prince of Vampires)

55.6K Reads 1.2K Votes 7 Part Story
Bridget By bridge16 Completed

"Mom! Please! Talk Dad into letting me see Justin!" Rein cried, teary eyed.

"I'm sorry Rein. I'm with your father on this. Justin isn't who he seems."

"What's that supposed to mean?! I LOVE HIM!!!"

"Rein! Enough!  I've made my decision and I forbid you from seeing him!" Bentley yelled.

"Mom! Do something!" Rein begged me.

I looked at her with apologetic eyes. I couldn't bare to see my own daughter cry. "Rein go to your room.  I'll be up to talkl to you in a minute."

Rein stomped her foot and ran off to her room to cry.

I sighed. "Bentley, she's upset. I don't like seeing her like this."

"Well it's for her own good. Bridget, I killed Justin with my own hands. He turned to dust. You saw it yourself.  He's not a vampire and you know it."

"What if it's not the same Justin she's talking about?"

"Justin. She said he was one of your servants and described him down to the t.  How many people look and have the same name like him?"

"You're right." I said in defeat. "I'll go talk to he...

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