Gaster! Sans Vs Sans X  Cat! Reader | Cant Spell Us Without U

Gaster! Sans Vs Sans X Cat! Reader | Cant Spell Us Without U

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【 g a y 】 By WonderSans Updated Apr 09


Starting Off With A Note:
This Is Kind Of A Slowburner. You Will Have Another Boyfriend Besides Sans Or Gaster Sans In The Story. I Will Not Be Putting Any Authors Notes, Unless They Are Completely Important

I Do Not Own Gaster Sans, Nor Do I Own You

I Don't Own Sans Either Lmao

I Don't Own Any Of The Characters In This Story, Except The Design Of Less 

The Only Characters I Own Is Wonder Sans, Glitch Sans, And Time Sans

Wonder Will Try Their Best To Update As Much As They Can

And If No One Allready Told You Today, Nice Ass

Ha...Ha.. One sec G. 
                              G: alright kitten~
                              *slaps lust* Bitch *goes back to G*
Let me go what I want less 
                              *throws less out the window* I told you to stop
Sometimes I wonder if I can punch myself out of this miserable existence ;-;
XD I was in a rp with a friend and she was blueberry of so it was like 
                              My friend (blueberry):I'm bored
                              Me: same
                              My friend (blueberry):*starts to float*
                              Me:I'm not gonna question your blueberry logic
'THAT'S HOT' 😂😂😂That got me ded in a matter of 1 second