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nogitsune419 By nogitsune419 Updated May 06, 2017

Stiles is angry. Like really angry. His dad is at the hospital probably dying. Scott blames him for trying to survive. He and Malia are broken up. Theo is still running around with The Dread Doctors doing their experiment. But there is still something that bothers him even more. That voice. THAT VOICE that is still talking to him in his head. Trying to turn him against his friends and family and he can not help it but feels like it is working. 

I came for Void Stiles.      

That is what Theo said. He did come for Void Stiles. But not for the Nogitsune.
 He wants a fox spirit. But not the old one. Not the one who possesses humans. 
He wantsStiles in his pack. But not the human one.

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