An Unfortunate Summer

An Unfortunate Summer

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It was called Camp Harmony, but I called it Camp Agony. My summer was supposed to be relaxing and filled with sunshine and playing pranks on fellow campers, but no. I wasn't prepared when four of the camp bad-boys decided to lure me into their inescapable trap. I wasn't prepared for the mental and physical pain they would inflict on me; especially their ring leader, Harry Styles. They thought it would be fun to turn me into their personal secret slave; making me do whatever they wanted. And the worst part was that I couldn't tell anyone; for they held the lives of my friends in their hands.

Mature 18+

|Originally called: Forced to Please Them|

this book is in case any of you guys where considering reading this <3.
So I have read this story already and she knew She made a mistake
BookishPhotographer BookishPhotographer May 19, 2016
Thank you for reposting this lmao it came through on my notifications and it woke me up at half 5 in the morning and I was nearly late for school because I overslept afterwards but I'M NOT EVEN COMPLAINING THANK YOU X
This is my fifth time reading this story because I have yet to find one just as good
13lhoward 13lhoward May 31, 2016
You are a talented author and I am one of the lucky ones you got to read the original, I tried looking for other stories with a similar story line - they were all rubbish, please write some more books, your work is amazing xxxxx