An Unfortunate Summer

An Unfortunate Summer

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It was called Camp Harmony, but I called it Camp Agony. My summer was supposed to be relaxing and filled with sunshine and playing pranks on fellow campers, but no. I wasn't prepared when four of the camp bad-boys decided to lure me into their inescapable trap. I wasn't prepared for the mental and physical pain they would inflict on me; especially their ring leader, Harry Styles. They thought it would be fun to turn me into their personal secret slave; making me do whatever they wanted. And the worst part was that I couldn't tell anyone; for they held the lives of my friends in their hands.

Mature 18+

||There are 74 chapters, but all except two are private, meaning you have to be following me to read the rest of the story. 72 chapters are invisible if you're not following me. Follow the directions at the end of chapter 2 to have every chapter available to you.||

|Originally called: Forced to Please Them|

 #rr im just gonna re read it while i wait for the sequel to be updated. Im gonna pay attention to Louis actions to see if his past couldve played a huge part in thing whole thing
The description says 72 chapters but I don't see them I only see two chapters. Where did they go? Were they deleted or did you turn them private? You need to change the description because it's wrong.
everyone say hi because you won't be hearing about them ever again
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all I thought of is a valley girl getting up and saying that😂😂😂
ok i used to hide pads (i don't use tampons) and be really sneaky but like i literally don't care anymore
this book is in case any of you guys where considering reading this <3.