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The only reason [H2OVanoss]

The only reason [H2OVanoss]

6.4K Reads 318 Votes 6 Part Story
+DooKoa+ By NerdySofi Updated Jan 22

A psycho and a policeman.
Delirious is a serial killer, that one day decides to 'pretend' that he is a good guy and get some important files from the police. But he needs to befriend a policeman, Evan Fong. He never knew that it would be this hard to get what he wants.
  Art by Sssammy.

l0u_psych0 l0u_psych0 Dec 08, 2016
Where does the name dennis come from, on websites apparently his name is Jonathan gordman
Hey, our stories have (sorta not really) similar plots :D das coo
MidnightRylana MidnightRylana Dec 13, 2016
Oh no he joined the chill corner
                              Wat am I doing with my life
RandoM_NumberZ RandoM_NumberZ Aug 18, 2016
HE KILLED MY MOM!!!! SHE WAS IN LOS ANGELES WHEN SHE WAS MURDERED!!!!!!!!! do you... Know my... life?
Excliptix47 Excliptix47 Nov 16, 2016
When there is only one thing and 34 people went KABOOM coz of it... XD
H20gaming H20gaming May 12, 2016
Oooooohh!!! New H20vanoss story and it sounds interesting! Can't wait to read more! XD