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Lust, Love is like a DRUG

Lust, Love is like a DRUG

3.6K Reads 57 Votes 6 Part Story
FACT YOU! <3 By potchi0917 Updated 7 days ago

Jessi (Jessica David) 20 years old.
  Young, innocent, bubbly, kind, strong, brave,etc.
  Everything you ask for a girl, she had it all.
  Except her status in life. 
  If goddess exist she may be one of them.
  Albert (Alberto William Portalejo) 24 years old
  One of the world's richest men and successful multi-millionaire businessman, alive. He was the CEO and the owner of William Enterprises. Certified playboy. 
  How will the world react if the Angel meet the Devil?
  Will there be a miracle?
  Life is full of surprises.
  At first, he just thought its LUST, but it turn into ,LOVE? 
  What will happen if the girl keep on pushing him away? Will he make some decisions she will regret?! 
  Find out and Read it.
 I don't own some pictures on this Book but all of the chapters and words used are my own.
Themes and ideas are from my own playful imaginations.
Please do not copy or imitate.
  ~God bless ;)~

All Rights Reserve © 2017

ako50735 ako50735 Jan 13
OMG!!!!! Can i please get a mention in the next chapter! I have a crush on you miss ❤❤
potchi0917 potchi0917 Sep 01, 2016
Oh? @milkalattae, You didnt saw the 'Mature Content' right? Next time read the Intro first. 😁❤️