A LUST turn into LOVE

A LUST turn into LOVE

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FACT YOU! <3 By potchi0917 Updated Nov 22

Jessi (Jessica Winston) 17 years old.

Young, innocent, bubbly, kind, strong, brave,etc.
Everything you ask for a girl, she had it all.

She suffered from heartbreak when she's in high school. Her father died at the same day (The Day when she was cheated by his f-cking BF!), but she learned how to MOVE ON but for very long period of time. Until she met the Billionaire. She got pregnant but....

What will she do if she saw HIM naked with his secretary? 

Should she say he's CHEATING? or NOT?

Would she choose to run away or stay? 

Or what if, she choose to accept and LOVE him again after the mistake he'd done?

Ally (Alberto William Smith) 24 years old

One of the world's richest men and successful multi-millionaire businessman, alive. He was the CEO and the owner of William Enterprises. He is cold hearted, arrogant, mean,ruthless, etc. Just one flick of his fingers, he can have everything he want. 

Everything has changed after he met a girl in a cafe. 

At first, he just thought its LUST, but it turn into LOVE? 

What will happen next if the girl keep on pushing him away? Will he make some decision she will regret?! 

Find out and Read it.

~God bless ;)~

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Oh? @milkalattae, You didnt saw the 'Mature Content' right? Next time read the Intro first. 😁❤️