heart breaking love story

heart breaking love story

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hi my name is pearl
I'm known as the youngest volleyball player of our school

actually I'm the youngest but not the best

I'm 17 year old
and I'm serious when it comes to studies and sports.

It was tuesday morning when I woke up at 4:47 at the morning
I was about to go to the kitchen to eat some cereals but first I need to brush my teeth

done brushing!

after eating and preparing to go school
I fixed my self

I wear a black leggings, blue sweatshirt ang a converse shoes

then I make a messy bun 
put some powder, lipbalm and a little bit of mascara

I was about to go at the bus stop when suddenly a message popped at the notification box of my phone

It was Ian

(message from Ian)

hey pearl
good morning
way to school?
I'll wait for you at the entrance gate of our school okay?
I need to tell you something
take care :) 

"what will he tell me? well that's okay. I know that some girls will ask me and ask me averything about him! actually he's good at basketball t...