Reality ~Superwholock~

Reality ~Superwholock~

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SarahM By SarahM56 Updated Sep 01

Robyn Collins is your typical overly-obsessed fangirl. She loves everything Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock, so she reacted as you'd expect one would if they just met their favourite fictional characters. In other words, Robyn fangirled, and she fangirled hard. 

      This sounds like a dream come true, until Robyn and her new not-so-fictional friends realize that if they can get through to this reality, that means others can too. Sorting out how to get Sam, Dean, the Doctor, Sherlock, and others back into their own realities will be a lot harder when you figure in the actual worst possibility: an angel named Lucifer.

      Even with the help of the bravest, smartest, and coolest heroes on TV, will Robyn manage to send them back to their own worlds?

*There are spoilers for up to season eleven of Supernatural, season nine of Doctor Who, and season three of Sherlock*

Timelady26 Timelady26 Apr 12
😂 omg this is so me, I'm dying of laughter reading this...this is awesome!!!
                              What are you questioning yourself if you know you think so?
Totally me
                              Everything about this is me
                              There is nothing wrong at all with it
                               .....It's all totally what I do....
                              .....What is wrong with my life? 😂