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Fallen Angel (Wander Lust - Pt 1)

Fallen Angel (Wander Lust - Pt 1)

33.1K Reads 1.9K Votes 7 Part Story
Audrey By AMS1971 Completed

**NOTE: This is a short story I wrote up real quick. But it is actually part of a series that will continue.**

Joey takes a hard blow to the heart when long-time boyfriend - Doug - suddenly dumps him during their anniversary vacation, leaving him stranded without money or a way to get home. Deciding he doesn't want to go home-ever-Joey takes to the highway where he is quickly picked up by the ruggedly handsome redneck, Owen-an older man who helps Joey forget about his heartache and pain, and helps Joey understand that he is strong enough to make it on his own, he doesn't need Doug to take care of him. Seeking to escape his own pain through intense sexual encounters, Joey takes to the road, always in search of his next "fix"-unaware of his true destiny that lies within.

lonelykitty222 lonelykitty222 3 days ago
Awww...poor little angel...don't worry, his replacement have a bigger cock anyway
lonelykitty222 lonelykitty222 3 days ago
That's what every son of a bitch  would do in every situation like this. Just leave the person they made a promise with.
Kay_Anders Kay_Anders May 09, 2016
Wtf why would u mislead someone so much and do this WHYYYYYY HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL YOU EFFIN SOB
just1morestory just1morestory May 09, 2016
There you go again A, draining my tears and ripping my heart out.  I love it.
yasholovescats yasholovescats May 09, 2016
I never understand how guys can just stand next to each other while peeing, like why? How?
Wolf_Fire_Ice Wolf_Fire_Ice May 09, 2016
Noooo!!!! Now he actually doesn't know what to so next since he doesn't know anybody besides Doug