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The Mysterious Case of Jasper Drake (boyxboy)

The Mysterious Case of Jasper Drake (boyxboy)

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Onyx By OnyxBlack Completed

Grayson Murdock thought his life was completely normal; normal school, normal friends, normal life. That was until he meets Jasper Drake. The strange, dark, boy is everywhere Gray turns, and what more his presence, which should raise a few hairs, only excites him. He craves to now more, but how do you get to know a person that avoids questions like the plague? It would be different if Jasper didn’t say he had to leave every ten seconds for no reason. Does it have anything to do with him? And what’s more what is it about the boy that has him questioning the bridge between what’s real, and what dwells in the realm of fantasy. Is this the reason Gray is determined to figure out what Jasper Drake is hiding? And by then, will it be too late?

Im called Grace and had a dog called Reggie he died two years ago
tinglesandtwerks tinglesandtwerks Jan 29, 2016
I need this to be the Life Quote everyone looks up when I'm dead
mandyana mandyana Feb 16, 2016
I like the story but is it just me or is Reggie such a stereotype black guy especially with his name and seriously an afro like come on im kinda conflicted on whether to laugh or be insulted
Itachi_FaultxX Itachi_FaultxX Feb 21, 2016
Wait! I got Jasper mixed up with the dude Gray has a crush on...
AprilWeathers AprilWeathers Sep 19, 2016
Only women can protect other women from harm according to Grayson
times_square_artist times_square_artist Jan 09, 2016
Am I the only supernatural fan here that keeps thinking of the Winchesters with Demons?