Kpop x Male Reader

Kpop x Male Reader

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Junmyeon ❤ By my-king-junmyeon Updated Jan 01

The serious drought of male k-idols getting some male on male action is limited to fanservice.
As a pansexual guy, I don't like that.
As a demisexual guy, I need to feel to fuck, to put it bluntly, so emotions will happen.
I know it is really hard to find some quality fanfic in this field, so I promise I'll do my best.

If for some odd reason you dislike me making everyone in this book like men romantically and/or sexually, you should be reminded that even though there is almost definitely a gay idol out there, people still write straight fanfic about them. This is the same thing as a heterosexual relationship; it may include romance, love, lust, and anything else necessary in a relationship.

Unless requested, I will try not to imply the sexuality of any of the idols that are in this book, since liking a man doesn't make you gay. Things like "He's straight so I can't date him" are just assumptions made by 'you', but in the case of the first story with Choi Minho, where this is thought, it turns to be false to the point he will (Spoiler Alert) date you / consider you a romantic interest.

If you don't use masculine pronouns, please don't read this. This is not yaoi- this is trying to make up for the lack of homosexual relationships in the kpop "x reader" community. If you use feminine pronouns only / identify as a female- don't read this. You are only fetishizing homosexual relationships and that is not okay in any way. Don't read this because you think it is "hot", go read straight stuff please. (I am not heterophobic like some other members of the lgbtqa+ community that I know, but because of straight girls reading this I am getting there.)

PS: As a top, expect majority of them to be a top reader (only if you request will the reader be a bottom.)

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Me after going thru the whole list:
                              AND I THOUGHT MY LIST WAS LONG
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The above comment was not sarcastic, though it may seem as if
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I just realised I'm listening to Vixx's Desperate while reading this😂😂
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I didn't know I can get any gayer 
                              BUT BOI
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HyungLineCrying HyungLineCrying Jan 21, 2017
As soon as i saw Itaewon i was like YAAASSS HOMO HILL then i was like how do i know that? Then i was like why wouldnt i know that.