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Thank you so much @galaxy-lynx for the AMAZING cover art of Sam! Check them out! 

Mark and Jack have been married a year now. And Jack, who had their little angel, learns to adjust through parenthood.

This is weird, because I don't actually ship Septiplier... the idea popped into mind.

...But anyway, enjoy this piece of shit and marvel at the adorableness.

Disclaimer: If you don't like this kind of story, or mpreg, PLEASE do not spread negativity or hate. I would highly suggest you don't read this if that's the case.

turntech_palmer turntech_palmer Sep 11, 2016
I'd feel like mark would notice that jack gained a few pounds
kittenblitz kittenblitz Aug 10, 2016
Omg that's so gonna be me
                              Me: *lifts up shirt* Hi little bambino!
                              Wifey: It probably can't here you😆
                              Me: Don't care!
antisepticdarkiplier antisepticdarkiplier Oct 28, 2016
I just imagine mark making the wierdest sounding 'hi' ever while touching hacks belly
Septiplier-Senpai Septiplier-Senpai Nov 20, 2016
My mom: I'm pregnant,  happy birthday! 
                              Me: Mom my birthday was a couple of months ago
JamyPaige360 JamyPaige360 Jul 17, 2016
This is such a cute story!!!!! I love it!!!!! When Mark says hi to the baby, that was like the cutest thing I've ever heard!!!!!!
ilovemarkandjack ilovemarkandjack Dec 08, 2016
This is kinds weird because I just got done with my appointment at my orthadontist and I gagged a lot