Against Medical Advice

Against Medical Advice

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Amy Mikaelson By themastersreign Updated 21 hours ago

For as long as she can possibly remember, Dr. Michael Brentwood has always been Amy's lifeline, the only person she can count on to heal her pain, not only emotionally but more importantly...physically. He's unbelievably kind, compassionate, an incredible humanitarian and natural born pacifist. He just...tends to worry a little too much. 

When Michael rushes Amy to the hospital with an appendicitis, she's determined not to stick around, but her fear of hospitals is the least of her worries when her abusive ex boyfriend, Victor, returns to her life. Meanwhile, she meets Michael's new co-worker Andrew Barnett, a bad boy rockstar with a heart of gold, who is determined to protect her from her ex at all costs.

READERS PLEASE NOTE: This story takes place before the "She's Mine" series but it can be read as a stand alone novel.

ladytoya ladytoya Jul 25
And u were saying about ur writing not being great? Pssh believe in urself ,when am reading ur writing its like a motion picture in my head hun, have faith ur day will come 💕
If you have any relationship with the patient (family, significant other) you are not allowed to operate on them... So this is fake
I can't wait for the next chapter.  really hooked into the story