Star Bound

Star Bound

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K. S. Watts By KayeSwiss Completed

After working her fingers to the bone with overtime, breaking up with a cheating boyfriend, and being dragged out to the bar by her best friend to "get back out there," all Scarlett wants is to go home to eat ice cream and binge on chick flicks. And once she's met her best friend's post-breakup alcohol quota, she decides to do just that. 

Too bad she never makes it home.

Abducted on the streets, Scarlett is sold in a human trafficking ring. Never one to play damsel in distress, she is determined to get back home - except home is now light years away. Surrounded by danger and betrayal, in a foreign galaxy, friendless, and unarmed her chances of escape are almost nonexistent.

She should have just stayed home with the ice cream.

      **This is a first draft of the story. The draft is complete. Editing is not.
  Credit for the cover goes to @MoreBooksMoreJoy

At first I thought she was saying she knew how much *my* life was worth, lol!
Conjunction-junction I love the stark, blunt way she says everything, and the short mention of stars. It makes for a very interesting feel. Can't wait to read more!
This is a really interesting concept that already has me hooked!
This is a nice premise for the start of the story. I think you have an interesting take on SciFi, so I'm excited to read more. I only wish this was a wee bit longer but only because I favor longer chapters. I'm excited for more!
I like the concept and your writing, but I don't know that the prologue adds anything. My vote is to remove it eve as captivating as it is.
I like your MC so far. She doesn't nag around about how her life sucks, instead she sets this vibe of getting revenge. I feel like her feelings were portrayed really well. 
                              This chapter drew me in from the start, and I can't wait to see more of this story.