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Star Bound

Star Bound

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KayeSwiss By KayeSwiss Updated Dec 30, 2016

Scarlett was having a rough day; working overtime, breaking up with her boyfriend, finding out said boyfriend was a liar and a cheat, and being dragged to a local bar by her best friend to "get back out there". She just wanted to stay home, eat ice cream and watch some chick flicks. After a night of drowning her problems in expensive alcohol, she decides it's safe to head home, put on her fuzzy slippers, and wallow. Too bad she never makes it home. 
    After being jumped in the street, what she thinks is a mugging, quickly becomes so much worse. Scarlett has been kidnapped and is being sold in a human trafficking ring. It gets worse. She's not just being sold to depraved men, she's being sold to depraved men on another planet. This takes human trafficking to a whole new level.
    She should have just stayed home with the ice cream.
    **This is a first draft of the the story. The draft is complete. Editing is not.
Credit for the cover goes to @MoreBooksMoreJoy

Azmavath Azmavath Jul 05, 2016
"Revenge makes for a dangerous motivator."
                              "Yeah? Well it's also a very powerful one.
Xenoclea Xenoclea Jun 28, 2016
Not part of the actual critique, but I really love the way your main character sort of breaks in to the audience and addresses us directly. It makes her story seem more close to us if we see her as an actual person telling us what happened to her.
EBJosef EBJosef Jul 06, 2016
A very nice open. It's very clearly written with an intriguing premise and a powerful emotional thrust. There is a small typo in your opening paragraph, you have I"m instead of I'M. Other than that, extremely well written!
JesseSprague JesseSprague Jul 09, 2016
Fun little manifesto style is probably the wrong word. But I find weird things fun. Sounds like this will shape up to be a dark and bloody story. Totally my cup of tea :)
sellersjr sellersjr Jul 11, 2016
A very good start with proper intrigue and promise of more to come 8)
Sh_x_dow Sh_x_dow Nov 03, 2016
I like the character's voice in this chapter. It is very compelling. However, it would be also cool if you can add a small part of your story in, so that it is more exciting.