Love Reaps

Love Reaps

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Paige By Paige31 Updated Jul 09, 2012

He seemed to get the picture that, I wasn’t use to all this crazy shit.
“Scarlet, that was something that I actually regret happening, okay?” he whispered sincerely. “Now I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again.” 

It was almost scary how sincere he was being, I was tempted to even agree it was my fault for the creepy kidnapping incident. 
“Though it would be easier if you weren’t so danger prone, but there’s no cure for that.”
I knew that it was too good to be true...

The Grim Reaper, harvester of souls, dweller of death had a girlfriend? He needs the help of a meer mortal Scarlet Brone, to set off on a weirdly wondeful adventure to help bring back his deceased love. She, a 17 year old sarcastic, danger prone girl and Daemon Xavier, her  guide and and short fused saviour, must adventure around in the underworld and beyond to collect all the jewels of the Koray necklace. 
Will they be able to stand each other; will Scarlet return alive; will they get Grims lover?

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Paige31 Paige31 Feb 09, 2012
@TheBaroness Wow, that really means a WHOLE lot to me thanks for all the positive feedback, and thank you for giving me something to edit; to improve. 
                              I'm really glad you like the plot.
Paige31 Paige31 Feb 07, 2012
@ToDwellOnDreams Wow, thank you so much! And thanks for taking some time to read it. :)
ToDwellOnDreams ToDwellOnDreams Feb 07, 2012
Wow, you are a brilliant writer! This is such a good idea for a story! I can't wait to keep reading, I feel so sorry for the little girl! Good job :)
Misz_Unique Misz_Unique Apr 02, 2011
Wow omdz Wow is all i can really say write now, I love the beginning of ure story its soo gd
AfterP_BeforeR AfterP_BeforeR Dec 07, 2010
@Aurora31 No no! This is a brilliant concept! I hope you a carry on! Ima read another chapter tonight, and add it to my library.
Paige31 Paige31 Dec 07, 2010
Thanks so much :D 
                              That really means a lot, I've always thought i sucked at making up stories.