Earned It (Girlxgirl)

Earned It (Girlxgirl)

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biege By BiegeHeartx Updated Dec 18, 2017

"See her? You want to see her?!" Alexa scoffed, not quite believing that he had the guts to show his face. "How dare you!" She roared furiously, her body shaking in a mixture of pain, anger, and fear. She took a step closer to the man who was behind it all - the man who was the reason why the love of her life was now lying in a cold hospital bed, fighting for her life. "How dare you come here and pretend you care after what you've done to her?! After all the shit that you put her through?!" Each word was punctuated with a shove to his chest. She wanted to hurt him so bad. Make him feel every pain that he had inflicted on Phoebe. 

"Alexa, calm down please," Rosie begged, her grip on Alexa was tight. "Don't waste your time on this useless prick. Phoebe needs you, do you hear me? She needs you! We need to go check on her."

Alexa refused to budge and she spoke, her voice threatening. "Take even one step inside her room and I swear to God I'll make sure you'll rot in jail!"

"She's my daughter! I have every right to see her!" Jack yelled back with the same fervor. He didn't back down until he was face to face with her. "You're her teacher. You don't have the right to accuse me of anything when you yourself is taking advantage of my daughter." He smirked, "Go ahead, try and call the police! Hell, call anyone! If I'm going down, might as well bring you down with me!"

Alexa sneered in disgust before her left arm connected with his face, plowing him to the ground. "Then I guess we'll fucking see each other in jail."

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arigatu2006 arigatu2006 Aug 19, 2016
i love this book, the feeling and plot is amazing i love to know more about it and i love pain like this i hope you continue this book
Dreamycake07 Dreamycake07 Nov 24, 2016
Phoebe is being abuse. 😢 If i were her friend i won't hesitate to physically hurt that person.  😠 👊
bluedro bluedro Jun 22, 2016
So for i really like this book. The story is very good and addictive. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
Gretchen_Morgan Gretchen_Morgan Jul 13, 2016
I'm so picturing Camilla blurting this out, and it's so cute!
nachtmusik nachtmusik Sep 27, 2016
Ugh the dick! I can't handle the abusive drama 😢 this story is good though! At the beginning I thought the story is gonna be a huge flashback. So glad it wasn't because it would only makes me want to skip ahead.
arigatu2006 arigatu2006 Aug 19, 2016
Please update i can't wait to read more about it, i wanna know how the things work between them