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DylanO'briens wife💚 By LunaOfWolves Completed

*Used to be heartbroken lover 

This is the second book to My bad boy i suggest that you read that book first .

Do you ever want to scream or maybe just bury yourself for eternity? Or is that just me? 

I still love him and no matter what I do or say about him everyone tells me to let him go, funny thing is, I cant. 

Its been two years. Two years since ive seen him and since hes broken my heart. Now hes come back and think i will just forgive him for what he did to me? 

Heck no !

Who did he think he was? That stupidly cute Christian. 


"Why are you being like this!" He yells getting closer to my face. 

I shake my head closing my eyes no Crystal, you're stronger than this

He leans his forehead touching mine. Breathing lightly his breath tickles my nose. 

 His lips touch mine softly, I almost miss them. 

Snap out of it you idiot!

I push him off of me and back away "n-no, stay away from me" I stutter 

"Are you sure? You don't seem like you want me to" 

 "Stay away from me" I say sternly

He steps closer. "Why are you being like this?" he asks caressing my cheek. 

"Because I still love you and I hate that I do" I admit slapping his hand off of my face walking away. 

There so much going on and oh did I mention I have a stalker? Well yeah I have a stalker.

This is only a rough draft please bear with me for the grammatical errors

wolvesrespectluna wolvesrespectluna May 10, 2016
This. Chapter. Is really good ! You are by far my favorite. Writer 💜
12Tweety 12Tweety Nov 30, 2016
loved the first book so much and im pretty sure this one is going to get better
mystized mystized May 30, 2016
hey, if you comment/vote of my first few chapters, I'll do the same back? It would mean a lot ☺️