My Chemical Romance

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johnthreesixteen By johnthreesixteen Updated 2 years ago
When Eva learns to play guitar, its for no reason but the joy tht comes from music and a form or theropy.  But what happens when she agrees to be in a band and somehow ends up with a full time contract with an even bigger band? will this band betray her like the last one?
Hey (: so when I joined a couple years ago this was one of the first stories I read. Although you don't use the band names or some of the spelling is off, the idea behind the story is really good. I keep re-reading it for that reason (:
                                    Just wanted to say good job!
I just started reading this and there is no point in calling it a fan fiction if you're not using the correct facts about the people who the fan fiction is based on. Also please check your spelling especially in the story description.
@MrsDawsonWayIero I agree that they should have the correct names otherwise its just plain stupid. I mean why write  a story about them if they don't even have their names.
@johnthreesixteen i was just saying my opinion and it really wouldn't have been that hard to use the proper names. and yes this is fiction i know that but still it's abotu mcr so why not use the band members names.. i don't think i crossed a line at all.. i was just stating my opinion on your story.
@lilypad6 well yes that is what wattpad is for and it's also for people to write their opinion's on peoples stories. and that is my opinion. It's not that hard to just make the charecters have the names of the people they're being described as.. like seriously.