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BEN Drowned X Reader

BEN Drowned X Reader

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ACreepypastaSuperFan By ACreepypastaSuperFan Completed

~Readers *POV*~
You were a 8 year old child. You were the most cutest and the most responsible kid in the family and class "HONEY! YOUR DRUNK AGAIN?!" you heard your mom screamed at your father. "WHAT THE F*CK WOMAN! I AM NOT!" Your father said as you went downstairs.

"Honey...I told you! Your not supposed to drink in this night you asshat!

"Well...if you want that, LETS DEVOURS THEN!


As you heard what your father said, you were starting to cry. At the next day, you woke up by your mom packing up her stuff.

"Mommy...your going...*sob*"

"Yes. I am leaving now because me and your father devoursed."

"Why were the best mom that I have ever have..*sob*"

"I am sorry...your father is not listening to me. Goodbye then...I am leaving"


As your mom left the room you were starting to cry harder. A few months later, it was your birthday. You asked your father "Daddy, can we go to the park today?" Your father turne...

Are u insane mom?
                              Telling an 8 year old child that you just got divorced? Yea.
Falling from would imply that your falling out of the hole and since that clearly isn't possible in the circumstances it should be he saved me from falling into the hole
Got ya princess someone's already going into the Zelda fanfics
lunayt34 lunayt34 2 days ago
divorced* and divorce takes like a month because it's law thing so they need to go to court and figure out who had custody of the child by who is the most secure and safe adult
Falling in the hole not falling of the hole. That would imply the hole is falling and that's not possible
I was like devours?
                              Then everyone says, "I think it's divorced..."