Aphmau pregnant

Aphmau pregnant

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steph9232 By steph9232 Updated May 09, 2016

Aphmau was sooooooo scared to tell Aaron that she was pregnant with his kids and she was going the have twins tomorrow. But before she went to tell Aaron she told Katelny. When she told Katelny she freaked out soooooo much, then Katelny calmed down and said 

Katelny: Aphmau just tell him the truth. 

Before she went to Aaron's house she went to Garroth, Laurence,Dante,and Travis house. She told Garroth Laurence,Dante,and Travis the all freaked out they all said in a scared voice 

 Garroth Laurence,Dante,and Travis: whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!

So then Aphmau went to Aaron's house and said 

Aphmau: honey I have to tell you something you are going to be a father. 

Aaron surprised and scared at the same time said in a scared voice.

Aaron: wait what I'm confused I didn't here what you said you said I'm going to a father. 

Aphmau said in a scared voice

Aphmau: I said your going to be a father Aaron and I'm having the kids tomorrow 

Aaron was more scared then before said in a shouting voice