In Your Aid: Narusasu / Sasunaru and Borusara

In Your Aid: Narusasu / Sasunaru and Borusara

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The_Oak_And_Lavender By The_Oak_And_Lavender Updated Oct 11, 2017

(In this, Boruto has naturally inherited Byakugan and developed Gentle Fist and Sarada has inherited the ability to use her chakra to heal and developed her control of her chakra more efficiently- both to some extent)

More and more years pass and Naruto and Sasuke's secret is nearing its end of discretion and they fear what will come. As for their growing firstborns, Boruto and Sarada have long since developed a bond that has continuously breached the borders of friendship but they lack the guidance to follow through.

However, as things seem to brighten, a darkness finds them and a storm of agony sits in the distance, waiting to strike. As the lives of loved ones are at stake, drastic choices and conflicting sacrifices are made but can the strength of honest, cherished bonds overcome such a storm? And so, the story unfolds...

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OtakuLordMD OtakuLordMD Nov 03, 2017
Please author sama give me a heads up, is there some yaoi in this? I mean I don't mind since I'm just here for the borusara but I hope the male to male here isn't as potent. I'm not ready for that and it feels kind of weird already reading half of the first chapter.
AshenCore AshenCore May 13, 2016
This is awesome so far!! Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next update! Also, if you don't mind me saying, try breaking the writing up a bit more, so it's easier to read. I'm no expert though, it's a really good readz
AshenCore AshenCore May 24, 2016
Aww, that chapter was so sweet! Another amazing chapter, and it was easier to read this time, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book