The Dating Game

The Dating Game

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Lost girl By AlphasDaughter03 Updated Jun 13, 2016

It all started with a game.. The dating game..

She smiled - he smirked

She giggled - he scolded

She felt caged - he felt too free

 The both have one thing in common.

The Dating Game.

The people of this game tell a secret to the guys about the girls once a week. They get a choice.

Stay and continue with her 
Leave the person for a new one.

No one leaves with one someone. 
The game is simple.

You can't tell them anything big about you.
NOTHING. No.Matter.What.
You talk to some people of the opposite gender.
The guys pick.
But they don't get to see you till leaving day.

They choose based off of the things you write in your secret paper or what the Creators can dig up about you. 

The guys can talk to a guy face to face.
The girls can talk to a girl face to face.
BUT. Girls and guys may not talk face to face. 

How will Amelia a sweet little angle do when she's picked by a cold hearted devil Xander.... 

You'll see.


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