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ㅤ By COPKOOK Completed

in which yoongi, taehyung and hoseok are inspired by those around them.


I.... I'm done... I'm just... this hurts mah soul 😂😂😂 lmao
xxCuteJungkookxx xxCuteJungkookxx Jul 25, 2016
I fine with it, but I'm just wondering why. I get too curious about things.
jaehope-mp4 jaehope-mp4 Oct 13, 2016
so either namgi, namtae ( vmon ), namkook, minjoon or namseok ( hopemon? ) eh..
That moment when you remember this is yoonkook.
                              I swear I can't escape Yoonmin no matter how hard I try.
GreyBegonia GreyBegonia Oct 06, 2016
Wow cruel. I dont mind though, i actually like to ship rapmon with '95 liners
Chansmexy Chansmexy Oct 26, 2016
I heard the word sexual