Not America's Sweetheart {#Wattys2016}

Not America's Sweetheart {#Wattys2016}

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Story inspired by Elle King's song, 'America's Sweetheart'.

They grew up in the shady side of Downtown Miami- the part where every family was part of a gang, fake mafia, or the most common, street racing. The rest of the city despised these types of kids, but they didn't let those high-end folks shut them down. They lived in their own little world filled with drugs, alcohol, parties, and illegal racing. 

Eleanor "Tip" Scott was a 18 year old girl, living among these 'street rats'. Just like the other kids on her side of the city, she and her three brothers loved their lives. It was complete freedom. But when a big problem starts to arise within Miami, things change for her, as her brothers decide to keep her in the dark. They feel that if Tip knew what really was about to happen to her family, friends, and people, she would most likely do something about it. 

Unfortunately for them, she uncovers the 'secret' problem, and does try to do something about it- except the only way she could ever defeat the problem, is if she- Eleanor Scout- a girl- wins a street race against 'Michael Realms', an ex- NASCAR racer, who has way more experience, and has won Daytona 14 years in a row.

~"No girl has ever raced in an actual street race before." He said, eyeing me with his harsh, dark eyes that I was forbidden to ever fall in love with, "Yet alone, actually won. You're best interest is to leave the problem alone, and back out."

I shook my head at his lack of belief in me, "Unfortunately for myself, I'm not one to ever back out."~

**Please note that this story has strong language, graphic scenes, and mature content. If you still chose to read, and up upset for something I have put in this story, don't say I didn't warn you.**

Cover made by:  @Toobigofadreamer

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