Ceremony of the Corpses

Ceremony of the Corpses

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N A G I By NAGI-99 Updated May 22, 2017

Aorinne Clockstrike. She was elegant, kind and exquisite. Her only ambition was to become an exemplar that her younger sibling, Keiro, could look up to. One afternoon, Aorinne was in her garden. Suddenly, she was in ache from surrounding plants that held her downward to the loam and leafy terrain. Stiff, tense. Alert of her golden anklet dangle in front of her. Soon after that, she was hypnotized by the demon-like tone of speech and the jewelry that glowed in the forests darkness. 
After the time stopped, she knocked out and woke up in the far, but imminent future. Seeking help, Aorinne was kidnapped. Near midnight, the driver came to the rear doors of his vehicle and dragged Aorinne's rope-tied body out, and opened a dark, scary entryway into the ground. A portal, she was thrown into. She descended into the underworld, and Aorinne became The Superior Highness.
Her love life was madness, as well, the disheartening war.

After her marvelous transformation and escape by the help of Heavenly beings, Aorinne returned back to the Earth Realm. However, when she awoke, it was the same year into the future when she transported without her golden anklet. 

And that, was just the commencement.

Aorinne appeared into the future, no idea that she was to view an enormous scene of tragedy. The city was trashed and vacant. Whispers of wind. Arsonists were crowding the streets along with their majestic fire, smoke, and flame powers. 
Now, as Earth's last body to bring the damaged world anew, Aorinne must assemble the community that wield the Muzanshi Summoners [ Magical Monsters and Skilled Assassinators from a realm called Aesthanei ], and battle the rivalry of Earth's opposing rebels.

Will Aorinne's love true and sincere?
What caused the Arsonist Ailment?
How mighty are the Muzanshi?
Who is the reincarnation of the youngest of the Très Maria goddesses?
What is Aorinne's weapon?
How does the tale exactly end?

Who will win this battle?
This, is the Ceremony of the Corpses.

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