Bear Heart's Captive

Bear Heart's Captive

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A. Reckas By Areckas Updated Nov 19, 2016

This was my first published novel! (I've changed the title for now.) When the press went out of business, the rights reverted back to me. One day, I may finish the series. It was originally a planned trilogy. For now, I hope you wonderful Wattpad people enjoy this YA fantasy, woven with pieces of Native American mythology and culture.


When the evil spirit of Jumlin returns with his army of Offspring, the Earth Spirits are summoned to protect the Sioux. Unbeknownst to Charli, these Earth Spirits are a sacred secret. So she probably shouldn't have spied from behind a rock when they shifted from their animal forms. She shouldn't have taken pictures. And she definitely shouldn't have gotten caught. And they're not going to let her go until some creepy witch doctor, or something, erases her memory.

So all she has to do is try to keep her big mouth shut, get her memory erased and go home, right? Wrong. Because Jumlin's Offspring are stalking Charli. And since no one can explain this unusual behavior, it becomes imperative to enter the Other World for sanctuary. Now if only she can figure out why she's beginning to fall for one of her abductors on top of everything else...

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