Trust [Book 1]

Trust [Book 1]

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anxnymxusg1rl By anxnymxusg1rl Updated May 08, 2016

Jasmine Little is your average straight-A student. She has great friends, a great family, a body to die for, and could have any guy she wanted... What's not to love? 

But when her insecurities begin to get the better of her, she feels as if she has no-one that really understands her anymore... That is, until she meets Connor Ellis....


Connor Ellis is trouble. A straight up badboy. He's always making trouble, getting into fights, and causing problems. 

But when Connor and his friends Jamie Wood, Ryan Black, and Colin Stone, pull a stupid prank that goes too far, Connor finds himself expelled from school.

So at last resort before boarding school, Connor joins Evergreen High. Where he meets Jasmine Little.

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