✔Spider-Boy (A Peter Parker Fan Fiction) [CIVIL WAR]

✔Spider-Boy (A Peter Parker Fan Fiction) [CIVIL WAR]

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▪《♡NAT♡》▪ By shawneybunny Updated Oct 25

Her adorkable elephant eared friend. She only knows the one side of him that everyone else knows, but when she finds out she is stunned. But will she still want to be friends with him or more than friends or neither? And will she be in danger of knowing his identity?

❝ I mean could loving you be so dangerous, Spiderboy? ❞

❝ C'mon! Its s-s-spiderman....❞

❝ Whatever spiderboy ❞

(Peter Parker X reader story)

[Takes place in Civil War]

 All rights reserved to Marvel for their characters and scenes

Sleepinx Sleepinx Jun 09
i read somewhere that people that people who talk ro themselves are smarter (IQ)
                              GUESS MY IQ IS 696% Or HOW YOU SAY IT IDK BUT ITS 696
GemStone9 GemStone9 Nov 07
I can't tell if I'm attracted to him, or if it's just the fact that he's spider-man
skrau27 skrau27 Oct 22
Every time I see Tim Holland my heart literally melts ☺️
stephanie-s-d stephanie-s-d 7 days ago
Oh. My. God.
                              This is so me!
                              My parents are like "stop talking to yourself. It's weird."
                              But I just can't
shae-101 shae-101 Nov 08
Nobody would want to kidnap me I would talk too much I know how to get duck tape of mouth and I sing random songs
Lol! I did for that for the same reason!  Anyways,  thank you for voting on my story! Means a lot!  :)