Chasing Butterflies a LadyNoir fanfic

Chasing Butterflies a LadyNoir fanfic

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memetrash™ By undyneZ Updated May 29, 2016

Marinette Dupain-Cheng leads a normal life as a high school girl in the picturesque city of love, Paris. At least, that's what everyone thinks, but Marinette is actually the superheroine Ladybug, keeping France safe from the evil Hawk Moth with her partner-in-crime-fighting Chat Noir. But Alya is hot on the trail of Ladybug's true identity, Chat Noir is hot on the idea of flirting with her, and Adrien is just, well, hot. When an unexpected enemy reveals itself, Ladybug has to race against time to find a way and defeat the enemy whilst keeping her identity a secret and making sure her feelings for Adrien don't get in the way. Which isn't as easy as it seems.

Welcome to the most frustrating love square in the world that reduces every fan to tears.

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