best friends; jjk.kth

best friends; jjk.kth

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little softie ♡•°⭐ By playfultae Updated Dec 25, 2016

in which Taehyung and Jungkook help out each other quite often in a not so innocent way. as friends of course.


- sexual content
- homosexuality

It makes me almost cringe when I hear a kid say father😂 I prefer dad, but I call mine pops😂😂😂
DaniellaIsRighthere DaniellaIsRighthere Dec 26, 2016
Wellll im private school and girls are just a nono. Most of them are strict most are kind but most of the girls at my school is judgemental
alienxcatx alienxcatx Dec 30, 2016
That's so honest and straightforward of him... How nice 😂😂
vkookizdatrash vkookizdatrash Dec 26, 2016
Child, just wait for u to come home saying "i don't want to go anymoreeeee"