Aliferous ✒ James Buchanan Barnes

Aliferous ✒ James Buchanan Barnes

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Nephilim Moon By Roguewendigo Updated Jul 12, 2018

❝I'm with you 'til the end of the line❞

She was known as 'project A'. 
A failed experiment. Kept in a cold dark room for so long she began to forget her own name. That is until a certain Captain America, along with his friend Bucky Barnes find her. Finding comfort in their friendship she decides to help them. But can she cope losing both of them when she needs them most.


After seventy years have past, Lyra's mind has been fried. Over the years new and old faces have surfaced as the never ending war with HYDRA and other enemies is fought out. Is her life just starting to get interesting or is her time running out.

Cover by @ w.attpadc.overs on insta ❤

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