The Beginning of The Pacifist

The Beginning of The Pacifist

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Lauren By LittleBloom59 Updated May 08, 2016

I woke up my head was sore and I remembered that I fallen off in the pit in that mountain.

I thought it will be a bit more shadower but I could clearly see bits of purple I decided to follow the purple.

What I saw was a flower it looked at me literally it had eyes and it said '' Howdy ''  '' I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower. ''

I ignored the other speech tell he offered me these ''Friendliness Pellets..'' I decided to take it and I all of a sudden felt pain and my HP turned to 1 that flowey changed it said '' YOU IDIOTS IN THIS WORLD ITS KILL OR BE KILLED
Just as I felt Doom I watched as the flower got tooken out of the soil and flew off and I then met..