His Submissive Mate |18+| ✔

His Submissive Mate |18+| ✔

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Mysterious J By JR_Chronicle Completed

Cover by : Blood_Vow . 

• Readers for this story are advised to be 18+ •

Living in a modern supernatural world, reformed into districts and monitored by a dominant  monarch. District 13, twenty-year-old Paige Ellisen, left with no one but her brother to fend for her, makes the only decision that will extricate him, from the life -threatening crime he committed . Only if she knew her decisiveness and will to save her brother, led her to a minacious fate of being a certain exigence for the Alpha King . And the bridge of destiny for others . 

 After suiting the Alpha King's deal as his ' submissive ' in return for her brother's life .  She perceives the King's actions and intentions weren't intended on acting out as they did , when things take such a drastic turn , unveiling secrets left concealed and leading to events ; Paige could never imagined would've happened.

All stories , as they say, don't always have a happy ending .......

•This book is not given its title solely on BDSM , it's given it for other reasons that are later explained in the story•

  • alpha
  • bdsm
  • beta
  • death
  • dominant
  • druid
  • kill
  • luna
  • mate
  • omega
  • packs
  • romance
  • rouges
  • sacrafice
  • secrets
  • submissive
  • supernatural
  • vampires
  • werewolf
  • witch